Enhance your Remote and Virtual Care solutions on myPatientSpace with Webex Calling.

myPatientSpace is integrated to work with Webex Video Calling and Conferencing.

The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing, with a growing emphasis on efficient and effective communication. With the integration of myPatientSpace and Webex, we’re taking a step forward in addressing the telehealth needs of both patients and providers.

Patients can easily connect with their care providers from wherever they are, reducing the need for physical visits without compromising the quality of care. This integration offers clear video calls and ensures the privacy and security of patient data on a globally trusted cloud calling solution.

For healthcare providers, it means a user-friendly platform that enables secure video communication with their patients with a side-by-side view of the electronic patient record and data on myPatientSpace. The combined strengths of myPatientSpace’s patient management tools and Webex’s reliable communication technology make virtual consultations more accessible and efficient.

In a world where convenience and safety are paramount, the myPatientSpace and Webex integration offers a practical solution for modern telehealth challenges.

How it works:

Care providers (Staff) using the myPatientSpace platform initiate calls to registered patients from myPatientSpace Web App.  Staff would need to have a webex account as well as an account on myPatientSpace.  This seamlessly sends call notifications (via email/SMS or in-app) to patients.  Calls can be ad-hoc or scheduled. Patients respond to the call notification to join the call with the webex Join Now button.





Drive patient engagement and remote care with Cisco webex integrated to the myPatientSpace remote patient management platform.


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