Digital Companion for Chronic Kidney Disease

Improving Patient experience.

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Client Overview

myPatientSpace is working with the Digital Transformation office of the HSE (Health Care Executive, Ireland) and the main Dublin Acute Teaching Hospitals to innovate on delivery of remote care across clinical areas.



The solution comprises of the myPatientSpace app for patients, and portal for staff.

  • Patients receive education on kidney disease, treatment, and diet.
  • New Updates are pushed to patients
  • Patients Track: Kidney symptoms, exercise, blood results, blood pressure
  •  Upload medications
  • Request hi tech medication prescription renewal
  • Dietician support
  • Kidney risk scores are auto-calculated.
  • Appointment details.
  • Request targeted services from renal team.
  • Updates and video calls from staff to patients.
  • Links to key resources

    “The myPatientSpace platform has enabled the hospitals to rollout tailored patient centric solutions across various outpatient areas – from Chronic Kidney Disease to Oncology. This has improved the patient experience and empowered patients to manage their own care. It also brings efficiency for staff in managing patients – allowing more clinical time to be spent with the patients who need it. The platform has had the depth of features that allow the patients pathways to be fine-tuned for efficient clinical service delivery. We have had interest from many other groups and the implemented solutions will be shared across hospitals. We have taken an MDT approach to this project and worked collaboratively across the hospitals. The myPatientSpace platform has had the flexibility to scale in this way” 

    Gemma Garvan

    Director of Health Informatics, St James's Hospital Dublin.

    Benefits & Results

    Improved Patient Experience:

    • 96% of Patients Surveyed would recommend it to other Chronic Kidney Disease Patients
    • 90% felt it improved their healthcare experience

    Improved Patient Engagement and Adherence resulting in better outcomes:

    • Potential to reduce risk of admission for Acute Kidney Failure
    • Easier triage of patients with Risk Scores and BMI calculations.
    • Tailored services for patients.

    Improved efficiencies:

    • Appointments
    • Screenings
    • Follow ups
    • Renal services

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