Digital Health as a Service

myPatientSpace DHaaS facilitates the rapid configuration of bespoke digital health solutions across any therapy area, enabling you to launch digital health programs for personalised and cost-effective patient-centric care

digital health platform

Digital Health as a Service (DHaaS)

myPatientSpace is the world’s first DHaaS – providing comprehensive managed services, software, applications, configurable platform and cloud infrastructure to deliver scalable and compliant digital health services and solutions.
digital health platform

Built for your needs

Patient app

Mobile Apps

Customised mobile (IOS and Android) applications that guide patients through personalised treatment plans, to improve patient experience, engagement, adherence, and outcomes. With your branding, information and educational materials and supporting your clinical workflows.  Mobile IOS App also available for busy staff for on-the-go patient management.


HCP/Clinician Portal

User-friendly HCP portal enabling remote care and communication between providers and patients.  With a patient dashboard and all the tools you need for remote management, clinic management with complex scheduling, appointments, and workflow management.

Time fast


Leverage real-world patient data gathered by myPatientSpace to make data-driven decisions without compromising security and data privacy.

Smart. Secure. Scalable.

Tailored Solutions, Your Way.


Smart Patient Engagement

Empower your patients with instant access to the right information – anytime, anywhere. Our platform offers a rich collection of ready-to-use assets, including videos, surveys, visuals, PDFs, and more, allowing for a tailored patient journey that meets individual needs at every step.


Collaboration & Telehealth

Built-in telehealth and collaboration tools, fine-tuned to your clinical workflows. Schedule clinics, manage screenings, and facilitate patient feedback – integrated with existing systems.


Remote Patient Monitoring

Smart triage facilities for patient management. Integrated to a range of connected devices, including Spirometry, Oximetry, CPAP, BPM, RR, Glucose,Scales and fitness devices. Ability to track symptoms, PROMS, assessments, and digital consent.


Agile and Cost Effective

Design, plan and configure treatment plans that work best for your patients, and your clinical workflows. Intuitive drag and drop interface developed and evolved in continuous collaboration with clinicians. Rapidly adapt to changes and delivered out to patients.


Scalable and Adaptable

Scale to large volumes of patients seamlessly. Rapidly adapt to change, across departments, therapy areas, indications, languages, and regions. One Single Platform with easily configurable branding and clinical processes.


Therapy Areas

Well established and proven in Orthopaedics, Sleep Apnoea, Severe Respiratory Diseases, Immunology, Oncology, Biologics, Diabetes, Rheumatology, Haematology, Chronic Pancreatitis, and Chronic Kidney Disease, with several others in development.

Rapid Deployment. Global Availability


Ready-to-use modules

Pre-built modules for E-PROs, standardised or custom surveys, clinic management, scheduling & appointments, telehealth, collaboration, rich content, multi-channel delivery, task triage, smart pathways, e-consent, quizzes, rewards, intelligent rules engine, fine-grained access control, template messaging, predefined actions, and more.



Packaged solutions

Rapidly launch programs with our packaged solutions for Virtual Wards, Digital Therapeutics, Disease Management, Pre/Post Surgery, Chronic care, or Patient Studies in Respiratory, Oncology, CKD, Orthopaedics and others.


Integrated Devices and Systems

Capture and analyse data from connected medical devices (via Bluetooth or Cloud-based) and external systems.  Integrations are available for Spirometry, Oximetry, Pulse, Respiratory Rate, Blood Pressure, Glucose, Body weight and composition (scales), Activity/Fitness trackers, CPAP/APAP/Bi-Level, Sleep quality analysis, and others.


Intuitive User Experience

Rich, consumer-level experiences for patients, together with easy-to-use tools for clinicians that enable them to connect with, and remotely manage their patients. Out of nearly 600 patients surveyed, 99% reported using myPatientSpace improved their healthcare experience and was intuitive to use*.


Global Reach

Launch programs in any geography and language, including Arabic and Hebrew.  Built on global best-in-class IaaS (Azure & AWS), our platform is easily deployed anywhere in the world. We have already registered as a medical device in the EU, UAE, KSA and Israel.



1000s of patients use our platform daily, across multiple disease areas, featuring millions of data feeds on an ongoing basis. Leading hospitals and global life sciences companies have selected our platform for both chronic conditions and episodic treatments, including Respiratory, Orthopaedics, Rheumatology, Oncology, Diabetes, Chronic Pancreatitis, CKD, Sleep Apnoea and more.


Really super app!

“The medications section and bloods are very helpful when talking with my GP. The updates from the team and reminders are also a great way to stay connect.”


CKD Patient 


Directly impacted quality of life.

“This integrated approach to patient care has enabled these individuals to remain at home while ill rather in a hospotal bed” according to Advanced Nurse Practitioner Antoinette Doherty, commenting after the launch of a new virtial war initiative in Letterkenny”. The individuals living with COPD demonstrated higher levels of empowerment and improved knowledge and understanding of their condition. The early detection of infection resulted in lower acuity level of exacerbation which directly impacted quality of life.”


Antoinette Doherty
Advanced Nurse Practitioner


Always spot on!

“Kid friendly – a child could operate it”


Anto Reilly

Sleep patient


End-to-end solution with all the needed features.

“I think this programme is fantastic, originally I did not think I would be a perfect candidate as I spent two hours each day in the pool doing exercises and walking, I also did pilates but the exercises are so knee oriented, they really made such a difference post op. I was on crutches the day after the op and doing the stair the following day and was discharged a day early.

I really put this progress down to the exercise programme and would recommend it for everyone. It continues post op and the results are great.”


Margerat Boland

used the product for OA treatment and then continued to use for Total Joint Replacement


Your Certified Partner


Rely on our secure, compliant platform to launch – and scale – your digital health programs.


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