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The move to digitalisation is imperative for Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences and Medical Device companies globally to enhance patient experience and therapy outcomes. To facilitate this, myPatientSpace platform enables digital patient support programs (PSP), personalised care, improving adherence and engagement, data-driven decision-making, and remote monitoring and care.

Revolutionising Healthcare with Next Generation Solutions

Unlock the power of evidence-based medicine and next-generation patient support programs with our innovative solutions. Our goal is to enhance adherence through remote patient management, the gathering of real-world evidence for reimbursement support, the provision of remote education for patients and providers, the expansion of virtual trials, and the introduction of digital therapeutics.

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Digital Patient Support Programs

Personalised support: DPSPs are designed to provide patients with personalised support that is tailored to their specific needs and preferences. This can include access to educational resources, self-management tools, and remote monitoring and coaching.

Data tracking and analysis: DPSPs can track and analyse patient data in real-time, providing patients and healthcare providers with insights into treatment effectiveness and patient progress. This can help to identify potential issues early on and adjust treatment plans accordingly.

Improved patient engagement and adherence: DPSPs can help to improve patient engagement and adherence by providing patients with ongoing support and motivation. This can lead to better treatment outcomes and reduced healthcare costs over time.

Enhanced communication and collaboration: DPSPs can facilitate communication and collaboration between patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers. This can help to improve care coordination and patient outcomes, particularly for complex or chronic conditions.


Disease and Treatment Awareness

The myPatientSpace platform can be an effective tool for manufacturers to increase disease and treatment awareness among patients and healthcare professionals. By leveraging our platform’s advanced features, such as personalised educational resources and interactive tools, pharmaceutical companies can provide accurate and relevant information about their products and disease areas. This helps patients and healthcare professionals to better understand the disease and treatment options available, leading to improved treatment outcomes. Additionally, the myPatientSpace platform can be used to gather valuable real-world data and feedback from patients, providing companies with insights that can inform the development of new products and services to meet patient needs.


Time to treatment

Improving the time to treatment is critical for better patient outcomes, particularly in acute conditions. Our digital health solutions are designed to streamline the patient journey from diagnosis to treatment initiation, enabling rapid access to care and ensuring patients receive the right intervention at the right time. By leveraging remote patient monitoring, personalised interventions, and automated workflows, we helpmanufacturers to improve care coordination, reduce administrative burden, and optimise treatment decisions. With our solutions, patients can receive the care they need quickly, leading to better outcomes and increased satisfaction.

Research Studies

The myPatientSpace platform can assist manufacturers in conducting research studies through its capabilities for remote patient monitoring, data collection, and real-time analytics. The platform enables patients to participate in studies from the comfort of their homes, improving enrolment rates and reducing the burden of in-person visits. The platform’s data collection and analytics features enable researchers to track patient progress and identify trends in real-time, leading to more accurate and timely insights. Overall, the myPatientSpace platform offers a convenient and efficient way for manufacturers to conduct research studies.


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