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Leading healthcare providers are leveraging myPatientSpace to optimise patient care, improving operational efficiencies while making personalised care a reality.



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Patient Centric Care

We understand that patients want to be more involved in their healthcare journeys. That’s why our platform puts them in the driver’s seat, providing easy access to relevant information about their care. With myPatientSpace, patients can take charge of their health like never before.

To achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients while minimising costs and complexity, our platform equips clinical teams with the tools and information they need for an efficient and seamless care journey.

From improving patient care and outcomes to empowering patients to actively participate in their healthcare journeys, myPatientSpace provides all the tools you need.

Personalised Digital Patient Companions

myPatientSpace is helping hospitals and healthcare facilities create customised digital health companions tailored to their unique care pathways. Numerous leading hospitals are using myPatientSpace platform working with myPatientSpace to build their own branded digital patient companions, empowering patients and care teams with timely information, relevant education, data, and more to reduce waitlists, enable patient-initiated reviews (PIRs) and improve patient adherence and engagement.

Our solution offers an array of functionality to meet your specific needs. From care coordination, clinic management, complex appointment scheduling (e.g Chemotherapy) and medication reminders to educational resources and personalised care plans.

Why Choose Us?

With our modular platform, hospitals and healthcare facilities can launch innovative patient centric solutions across disease and treatment pathways, digitise workflows and enable remote patient management at scale.

One platform for clinical staff and hospital administrators to manage and customise the care pathways to individual needs.  This lowers overall cost of ownership for the hospital, unifies the electronic patient record, reduces complexity of learning and deploying and managing multiple solutions across different departments.

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Services for Healthcare providers

Virtial Wards mypatientspace

Virtual Wards

Virtual wards are part of the digital transformation of healthcare. They allow patients to get the care they need at home safely and conveniently, rather than being in hospital. Healthcare organisations can also use virtual wards to support people with frailty or acute respiratory infections while allowing them to remain in their own home (or care home facility).

In a virtual ward, support can include remote monitoring using apps, technology platforms, wearables and medical devices such as pulse oximeters. myPatientSpace provides a single platform to allow healthcare organisations to effectively deliver virtual wards and hospital at home services.


Our platform has been used to improve the time to diagnosis for patients for a wide range of disease areas.

The platform has been particularly useful for hospitals addressing issues with delayed diagnosis for services that have a long waiting lists.

The myPatientSpace app has been used to reduce the time to diagnosis for some services from in excess of one year down to a number of weeks.

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Chronic Disease Management


The platform has demonstrated the benefits for chronic disease management in hospitals and healthcare systems around the world. Hospital avoidance and improved quality of life are key benefits for using digital companions to manage patients with chronic diseases.

Clients are currently using our platform to manage patients with diabetes, chronic kidney disease, COPD and many other chronic diseases and improving the quality of life for patients. This is achieved by actively assisting in preventing hospital re-admission for these patients and providing patients with the tools to help them actively participate in their own healthcare.


myPatientSpace has transformed outpatient clinics and has proven to enhance administrative efficiencies and revolutionise the patient experience.

Say goodbye to cumbersome administrative tasks and hello to streamlined operations. Our platform empowers your staff to optimise clinic workflows, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. Enjoy the benefits of improved scheduling, reduced wait times, and enhanced coordination between staff and patients.

But that’s not all! We prioritise the patient experience, and our platform delivers exceptional results. Patients will appreciate the seamless journey from check-in to check-out.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our platform has already demonstrated significant benefits in academic teaching hospitals across Ireland. Experience the same success as our satisfied customers who have witnessed improved administrative efficiencies and delighted patients.

Together, let’s unlock the true potential of your clinics.

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Pre- & Post-Surgery


The platform is used to provide patient information and improve adherence pre and post surgery. The myPatientSpace app is a digital companion through your patient care journey, providing them with the right information at the right time Pre and Post Sugery.

They will be receive education, videos, exercises & reminders at each stage. Our App can help them to prepare for their upcoming procedure and rehabilitation, keep track of their progress, and learn things they should do before and after their operation – including daily exercises & self-assessments.

Patient Initiated Reviews

myPatientSpace inherently supports Patient-Initiated Reviews (PIRs), placing patients at the heart of their healthcare experience. By advocating for a proactive approach, myPatientSpace can ensure patients have frictionless access to their care teams, helping patients and providers communicate more effectively.  Patients, instead of clinicians, initiate their follow-up appointments based on their perceived need for care. Patients are often best placed to determine when they require clinical input. PIRs enable healthcare systems to prioritise resources for those who need them most, while also giving patients greater control over their healthcare journey. PIRs can help reduce waitlists, reduce unnecessary appointments, streamline patient care, and potentially lead to earlier interventions when issues arise. 

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