Government & Healthcare Systems

In an era of rapid technological advancement and evolving healthcare needs, government and healthcare systems are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance their services and improve patient outcomes. At myPatientSpace, we lead the way in digital health innovations, with a focus on gathering real-world evidence, launching national screening programs, and spearheading the digitisation of chronic care.

The Power of myPatientSpace Solutions.

Discover how myPatientSpace is making a significant impact on government and healthcare systems by focusing on three key pillars:

Gathering Real-World Evidence.

In today’s data-driven healthcare landscape, informed decision-making is paramount. myPatientSpace solutions empower healthcare professionals and government agencies to harness the power of real-world evidence:

Data Collection Simplified: Our digital health platform simplifies data collection by digitising patient’s journey, prescriptions, medications and any clinical documents. This not only minimizes errors associated with manual data entry but also provides a centralized repository of invaluable patient information.

Advanced Analytics: Integrated analytics tools enable healthcare providers to analyze patient data comprehensively, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions about treatment plans, resource allocation, and healthcare policies.

Fostering Research: Government entities can leverage the real-world evidence gathered through myPatientSpace solutions to drive healthcare research, assess intervention effectiveness, and shape data-backed public health strategies.

Launching National Screening Programs.

Preventive healthcare measures are instrumental in improving overall population health. myPatientSpace simplifies the implementation and management of national screening programs:

Swift Material Deployment: Our platform expedites the production and distribution of screening materials: educational resources, appointment reminders, and ensuring vital information reaches the intended audience promptly.

Streamlined Appointments: Through automated appointment scheduling and reminder services, myPatientSpace ensures healthcare organisations manage screening appointments efficiently, reducing no-show rates and ensuring timely screenings.

Data Security: With robust data security features, our solutions safeguard sensitive patient information, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations while enabling secure exchange of screening results between healthcare providers and government agencies.


Digitising Chronic Care Excellence.

A New Era of Patient-Centric Care: Embrace a digital approach to care with myPatientSpace. We facilitate the transformation of chronic care, both within the community and in the comfort of patients’ homes.

Patient Empowerment: Healthcare systems can leverage our capabilities to create and disseminate educational materials, such as instructional guides and videos, empowering patients to actively manage chronic conditions.

Remote Monitoring Mastery: By digitising patient records and integrating with wearable devices, we empower healthcare providers to monitor patients remotely, ensuring timely interventions and delivering personalised care.

Seamless Telehealth Integration: Our platform seamlessly incorporates telehealth services, granting patients access to remote consultations, continuous condition monitoring, and personalized care from the convenience of their homes.

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