myPatientSpace Digital Health as a Service

Rapidly launch secure, customised digital health programs at scale

Digital Patient Companions and Solutions

Across therapies – Oncology, Respiratory and more

Improve patient experience, outcomes, and efficiency of care through personalised engagement and care.

Healthcare-mypatientspace digital health platform

Healthcare Providers

myPatientSpace powers applications for healthcare providers that include virtual wards, remote monitoring, clinic & appointment management, improved communications, and improved patient care through personalised patient journeys.



Life Sciences Organisations

myPatientSpace solutions for life sciences organisations include disease awareness and treatment programmes, improved time to treatment, the facilitation of clinical research studies, and clinical trial management.



Government & Healthcare Systems

Our solutions for government & healthcare systems include the gathering of real-world evidence, supporting national screening programs, and digitisation of chronic care – both in the community and at home.

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The Platform

myPatientSpace is a comprehensive, medical-grade digital health platform that’s easily customisable for any therapy area using modules and pre-packaged solutions:


  • Collaboration and triage
  • Telehealth and virtual care
  • Scheduling, clinic management and appointments
  • Smart engagement at every stage in the patient journey.
  • Process automation, workflows management
  • Any condition (chronic or episodic), any stage, with rich content and your branding.
  • Remote patient monitoring: Surveys, PROMs, device integration
  • Analytics, dashboards, smart alerts.

Rapidly configurable digital health solutions

Accelerate time-to-market with our no-code configuration tools for:

  • Remote patient management – all the tools you need on a single platform
  • Smart triage and alerts – see patients that need your attention the most
  • Tailored, personalised educational content for patients, enhancing awareness, engagement, treatment adherence, and overall health literacy.
  • Streamline services with digitised workflows and automation

Bespoke applications for any patient journey

Configure the right application for your programme to support better outcomes and adherence

  • Improve Operational Efficiencies
  • Deliver proactive, coordinated care for your patients
  • Any disease and therapy area, multi-condition support
  • Integrated devices and external systems
  • Reduce costs – design, print, physical postage, fuel
  • Automated reminders, triggers, tasks and rules engine

Built for global digital health


  • Launch digital health programs in any region
  • Readily deployed to multiple regions and available in different languages (including Arabic & Hebrew).
  • Comply with local regulatory requirements
  • Built on top-tier IaaS (Azure, AWS)

Proven Benefits

Improved access to personalised care, engagement and adherence, improve efficiency of care

  • 9Reduce waitlist times and time-to-treatment
  • 9Improve communication with patients
  • 9Scale operations and improve care delivery
  • 9Manage patients remotely
  • 9Lower total cost of ownership
  • 9Gather real-world evidence
  • 9Better-coordinated care at lower costs

myPatientSpace in the News

We are committed to making a meaningful impact.



Visit us at our booth H3.B10

Our team can't wait to connect with you and showcase how our platform continues to make a significant impact on patients and healthcare professionals worldwide by enabling new models of care and remote pathways across therapeutic areas.



Digital Healthcare for remote communities

Cisco has partnered with The University of Galway to bring 5G connectivity to Clare Island in Ireland. myPatientSpace is the platform of choice for this project, enabling digital inclusion and access to quality care for remote communities.



Certified by ORCHA

myPatientSpace Mobile Apps (IOS and Android) and the WebApp are ORCHA-certified, meeting the highest standards set by the global leader in digital health evaluations.


“This integrated approach to patient care has enabled these individuals to remain at home while ill rather in a hospital bed” according to Advanced Nurse Practitioner Antoinette Doherty, commenting after the launch of a new Virtual Ward initiative in Letterkenny”.

The individuals living with COPD demonstrated higher levels of engagement, adherence, and improved knowledge and understanding of their condition. The early detection of infection resulted in lower acuity level of exacerbation which directly impacted quality of life.”


Antoinette Doherty
Advanced Nurse Practitioner


““myPatientSpace for Resmed PEI has enhanced the patient experience and ensures high levels of early and ongoing compliance with therapy. This app ensured that during covid we could not only help patients already on the Resmed Pei managed care service but also start new patients on therapy”


Eileen McGinnis
Sales Director, ResMed PEI


“The Digital Transformation Office of the HSE, has been delighted to be able to partner with companies like myPatientSpace to drive the revolution in digital health adoption in Irish Healthcare. The myPatientSpace innovative no-code platform has shown it has the scalability to be adopted across our main hospitals and clinical areas. We look forward to continuing to work with myPatientSpace on Ireland’s Digital Health Journey and making patient centric care a reality”


Prof. Martin Curley
Director of Digital Transformation and Open Innovation at Health Service Executive (HSE)

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